Stop Sitting So Much!

Remember the days when “working” translated to manual labor with a hefty side of blood, sweat, and tears? Neither do we. These days it seems we’re more likely to log hour after idle hour with our bums glued to our seats. In this video, we’ll show you three simple stretches you can do at the office, at home, or anywhere there's a wall and floor.

Think beyond the mat and liberate your body with these 3 gentle, simple stretches:

  • Arm Circles
    A nice, gentle exercise to open up the chest and help keep you relaxed throughout the day while hunched over at a desk.
  • Wall Chest Stretch
    A simple stretch to help with rounded shoulders and helps to alleviate pain in the top of your shoulder blade.
  • Forearm Stretch
    Perfect for your typing hands!

Watch the Video: